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    Release: RabbitMQ 3.3.5

    Release Highlights

    bug fixes
    25921 prevent long delays in publishing after a node goes down and network
    connections to it time out (since 2.8.3)
    26225 26293 greatly reduce the length of time between pause_minority mode
    detecting a minority and refusing to accept further publishes
    (since 3.1.0)
    26313 do not allow clients to override server-configured channel_max
    (since 3.3.0)
    26159 prevent failure to start if memory monitor cannot determine total
    system memory (since 1.7.1)
    26290 correctly read /proc/meminfo on Linux even if rows do not contain
    colons (issue with certain vendor kernels) (since 1.7.1)

    26311 provide a mechanism for diagnosing stuck processes

    building & packaging
    bug fixes
    26322 add loopback_users to the sample configuration file (since 3.3.0)

    management plugin
    bug fixes
    26072 provide unminimised versions of all bundled Javascript libraries.
    Fixes Debian bug #736781. (since 2.1.0)

    management visualiser plugin
    bug fixes
    26072 provide unminimised versions of all bundled Javascript libraries.
    Fixes Debian bug #736781. (since 2.1.0)

    federation plugin
    bug fixes
    26272 ensure changes to cluster name are picked up promptly and thus fix
    cycle detection on cluster name change (since 3.3.0)
    26292 ensure that federation links apply the defined reconnect delay under
    all circumstances (since 2.6.0)
    26299 fix leak when shrinking upstream-set immediately after federation
    starts (since 3.0.0)

    shovel plugin
    bug fixes
    26318 prevent dynamic shovel crash using add-forwarding-headers=true
    without setting dest-queue or dest-exchange-key (since 3.3.0)
    26292 ensure that shovel workers apply the defined reconnect delay under
    all circumstances (since 2.0.0)
    26328 prevent dynamic shovels from failing over to the new node whenever
    a node comes up in a cluster (since 3.3.0)

    MQTT plugin
    bug fixes
    26270 improve error messages on TLS/TCP connection failure (since 3.0.0)
    26281 log cleanly closed MQTT connections as we do for AMQP (since 3.0.0)

    AMQP 1.0 plugin
    bug fixes
    26288 fix handling of the symbol type in message content (as used in
    content_type and content_encoding) (since 3.1.0)
    26288 (also) fix mapping of AMQP 1.0 ttl and creation_time fields to
    AMQP 0-9-1 timestamp and expiration fields (since 3.1.0)

    To upgrade a non-clustered RabbitMQ from release 2.1.1 or later, simply install
    the new version. All configuration and persistent message data is retained.

    To upgrade a clustered RabbitMQ from release 2.1.1 or later, install the new
    version on all the nodes and follow the instructions at
    http://www.rabbitmq.com/clustering.html#upgrading .

    To upgrade RabbitMQ from release 2.1.0, first upgrade to 2.1.1 (all data will be
    retained), and then to the current version as described above.

    When upgrading from RabbitMQ versions prior to 2.1.0, the existing data will be
    moved to a backup location and a fresh, empty database will be created. A
    warning is recorded in the logs. If your RabbitMQ installation contains
    important data then we recommend you contact support at rabbitmq.com for
    assistance with the upgrade.


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