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    After I begin studied Erlang often see reports that Erlang is very narrowly specialized PL for distributed applications.
    I want to ask experienced Erlang programmers how it is true, that prevents the use of Erlang as a general-purpose language?


    I’m newbie but I am using Erlang with Nitrogen for web development. For now only for my own use (comercially I am using python with Django) but I have a few small project with would be great to build in Nitrgen/Erlang.
    So for me Erlang is great for web development.

    Next step: build apps with Phoenix/Elixir and Erlang.


    Kat AtErlang

    Will this help: ?:)
    Erlang Use Cases: Michal Slaski
    Moscow Erlang Factory Lite 2012

    “In this talk Michal discusses where is Erlang used and why. Erlang has its roots in telecom, but over the last couple of years it has proven to be a good fit for all kinds of distributed systems in banking, messaging, databases, games and other. For each industry he gives some examples and list reasons why Erlang was chosen over other popular technologies. He also gives a short introduction to Erlang technology.”



    There isn’t anything limiting Erlang for general purpose use.

    My only objection is related to *any* language relying on a VM (Java, Ruby, Python, Perl, Lisp, Scheme, C# etc included) in that we now require the VM to be installed on the machine as a prerequisite.


    Thanks all for answer. I am surprised the fact that the Erlang is used in Web development. Restrict VM rather obvious but if
    this does not prevent the JVM so should not be a problem for Erlang.
    What more interesting me as occur compile erlang program for the individual start. I know about Escript but maybe there are some other ways to do this using Erlang ?

    P.S. Or this talk for the another topics?

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