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Latest posts on Erlang Central

Erlang on Rumprun Unikernel aiding the Microservices Architecture by Neeraj Sharma

Slides and more info: I am the author of porting Erlang to Rumprun unikernel. Rumprun unikernel can now run Erlang (Elixir or any BEAM VM based language) nodes in both isolated and clustered mode ...


Erlang/OTP 19.1

The 19.1 Erlang/OTP release has just been released by Ericsson. Erlang/OTP 19.1 is a service release on the 19 track with mostly bug fixes, but is does contain a number of new features and characteristics improvements as well. Some highlights o ...


BeamBA is Coming!

In a week from now, InakaESI will be hosting a new edition of our ErlangBA Meetup. This time we’re calling it BeamBA and we’re opening our doors to all languages built on top of BEAM VM. The event will take place at Inaka’s offices in Villa Cr ...



I’m back! Cask removed, arm in recovery :) — Let’s celebrate with some funny bits of Erlang/OTP! Up to this point, I’ve been sharing a good number of odd and/or confusing bits for and about erlangers out there. I’ll go back to that, p ...


Replacing JSON when talking to Erlang

JSON is awesome, supported pretty much everywhere, easy to read without any extra tools (I'm looking at you BSON and Protocol Buffers) and way better than XML. However, parsing JSON costs cycles and they are still verbose and larger than their BSO ...



I discovered what I will show you today the first time I tried to create agen_server based behaviour in Erlang. For wpool, I think. Anyway, I forgot about it for a long time until Francesco Cesarini reminded me of it at our last company Get2Gether. ...


Hiring now

Project Manager / Lead Developer

Istanbul, Turkey.

The goal is to bind new front page and javascript client to existing game server implementation as quickly as possible, developing missing server side parts as well. ...

Erlang Developer


We are looking for Erlang developers for a company building an innovative solution around messaging and crypto. We are looking for more than one candidate. The most important aspect is experience. The current team is mostly beginners so it's a plu ...

Erlang Engineer – Remote – USA

Orlando, FL

Job Description Raretec is looking for an experienced Erlang Developer/Engineer to work on an Internal Healthcare Communication Application. This is a 100% work from home (Remote) Position Competitive Salary, plus full benefits (Full medical, dent ...

Senior Software Engineer, Ad Serving

San Francisco, CA

Ad Serving is the core to Vungle’s success. Our pod is responsible for architecting and building our entire ad serving infrastructure. Currently, that infrastructure handles over a billion events per day and has an exponential growth curve. We’re ...